Perfect Gifts for Book Lovers
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Perfect Gifts for Book Lovers

I don’t know about you, but I feel like this year has gone by so quickly. The holidays are only about a month away, and that means figuring out what to buy people. Buying gifts for loved ones who love books is about to get a whole lot easier.

With the help of my fellow bookworms, I’ve compiled a list of some of the items that would be most appreciated as holiday gifts that aren’t books. Here are some of the things we came up with, but I’d love to hear if you’ve got more ideas!


A true book lover needs something to hold their place in a book, and there are some really beautiful bookmarks available. When asked for feedback, my people overwhelmingly responded that they wanted bookmarks, so that is why this holds the number one spot. Some specific types were wooden bookmarks, custom wire bookmarks, anchor bookmarks, and even book darts. There are so many beautiful choices, and I’m always partial to checking out first in order to support small businesses.

2. Candles

Scented candles are always nice to light while reading a book. There are a lot of companies that actually make candles with scents inspired by various books. While I haven’t tried any of these, a simple Google search for bookish candles will bring up a ton of sites.

3. Gift box subscriptions

This is something I’ve seen a lot of recently, and people absolutely love these boxes. You can order one box or an ongoing subscription. Depending on which box you order, it contains either books or books and various book-related goodies. Some of the more popular ones include OwlCrate, Illumicrate, and Fae Crate (which all include books and other stuff), and if you’re just looking for books, you may want to consider Book of the Month Club.

4. Library card coasters

These are super cute coasters are based on the due date cards that used to be in the back of library books, and are the perfect coffee table addition for a book lover. A word of advice – you will want to make sure that the one you choose is waterproof.

5. Book page wreaths

This is a super cool item that is exactly what it sounds like. Rather than a traditional wreath, this one is made out of pages! You can find a ton of these by looking up the term on Google, but there are a lot of gorgeous choices on too.

6. Personalized bookends

Having shelves of books always comes with a problem – the books don’t stay where we put them. This is where bookends come into the picture. Personalized bookends are a great gift for any book lover, and there are endless ways to customize them. Letters, engraved crystal, quotes, scenery, and anything else you can think of can be put on a bookend.

7. Calendars

As bookish people, we are often lovers of quotes and may struggle to stay organized. Calendars are often invaluable for us. I personally cannot function without my calendar to keep track of when things need to be posted, along with tracking my appointments. There are some really awesome bookish calendars out there.

8. Book themed mugs with some coffee or tea

For people who drink coffee or tea, a mug with a bookish theme and some of their favorite coffee/tea is the perfect gift. Plus the caffeine helps us stay up and read more!

9. Kindle or Nook e-readers

Although many of us still enjoy reading actual books, it’s hard to beat the convenience of e-readers. They can hold thousands of books in a tiny little handheld device, read in the dark (especially helpful if you share a bed with someone who is sleeping while you’re trying to read), and download books from your library/Amazon/Barnes & Noble without ever having to leave your house.

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10. Shelves or other cool storage for books

Another problem of book hoarding is where to put them all. Book shelves or cool storage spaces will always be appreciated by the book lover in your life.

11. A cozy blanket to cuddle under

Especially in the colder months, the only thing better than having a great book is having a cuddly blanket to curl up in while reading. This is another gift that you can’t go wrong with.

12. A tub caddy for people who like to read in the bath

Some people absolutely love to read in the bath and find it more relaxing than anything else. There are tub caddy reading racks that fit over the sides of the bathtub, and have a spot to prop up the book (so the pages don’t get wet), along with a place to put a wine glass or other beverage of your choice.

13. A book light

For people who are purists and adore actual books over e-readers, a book light can make it a lot easier to read in conditions with low light. This also helps not to disturb a partner who wants the lights off.

14. Headphones for people who love audiobooks

Audiobooks are another hot trend. For people who don’t or can’t read traditional books, whether it’s due to a disability, lack of time, or just because they don’t like to read, audiobooks are a lifesaver. They allow people to read books while doing other things, like chores or other boring tasks. A pair of headphones, especially wireless/Bluetooth headphones can be the best possible gift, since they allow the user to have both hands free to do other things without being tethered to a phone.

15. Pendants/jewelry

Bookish pendants or other jewelry can be a lovely gift for the bookworm in your life. There are so many different options out there, and once again, is always my first choice for jewelry. Many sellers can customize their offerings to your needs, and are usually really affordable.

16. Fairy lights

Fairy lights is probably one of my very favorite trends right now. It’s such a beautiful way to showcase bookshelves (or anything else) without being overwhelming. If your loved one is a bookstagrammer (takes photos of their books and posts them on Instagram), fairy lights will definitely be appreciated. Plus, they look super festive in any season!

17. Book pillows

There are some really cute throw pillows that you can find with books as a theme. Lots of them have cute or funny sayings on them – my favorite is “Go away, I’m reading,” but there’s so many different ones to choose from. I also saw some that are actually shaped like plush, velvety books.

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