Friday Favorites - Character Team Ups
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Friday Favorites - Character Team Ups

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for another Friday Favorites post! This awesome idea comes from the blog Something of the Book. There’s a different prompt each week, and I pick my favorites for that topic. This week’s topic is favorite character team ups. I love when characters are sarcastic and witty, and for some reason, I have a soft spot for grouchy or misunderstood characters with a heart of gold. When I thought about this idea, there were three team ups that immediately stood out for me, even though only two involved a grouchy or misunderstood character.

The first one was a book I recently read and absolutely fell in love with. Hook by Gina L. Maxwell was a team up between Captain Hook and Officer John Darling, where they had to work together to take down a bad guy. Hook thinks he’s the villain of the story, but he’s really not. He’s just a misunderstood hero, John is a total cinnamon roll, and they had some incredible chemistry.

Another one was the team up between Dunston and Aedwen in Wolf of Wessex by Matthew Harffy. Dunston is a 50 year old guy who’s more than happy being a hermit, but Aedwen is a teenage girl who’s father was brutally murdered near Dunston’s house. Together, they have to work together to figure out who is behind the murder. Dunston is grouchy as hell, but he is a great guy, and you definitely don’t want to get on his bad side.

Finally, I couldn’t help but love the team up between Count Alexander Rostov and basically every other one of his friends in A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles. He’s such a lovable character, with a mischievous streak that makes it hard to not be amused by his antics. I especially enjoyed his adventures exploring the hotel with Nina, a young girl who stays there, and later on, Sofia, another young girl that he winds up becoming a guardian for. He gets a crash course in caring for her, and never treats them as anything other than tiny adults.

What are your favorite character team ups?

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