Friday Favorites 2019 Releases
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Friday Favorites 2019 Releases

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for another Friday Favorites post! This awesome idea comes from the blog Something of the Book. There’s a different prompt each week, and I pick my favorites for that topic. This week’s topic is 2019 releases.

I’ve always enjoyed reading, although this was the year that I started blogging about books. Being a book blogger comes with some pretty sweet perks, and one of those happens to be access to books before or around their release dates. I have also become well-known by the librarians in my local library, who become alarmed if they don’t see me at least twice a month. They have an incredible selection of new releases for such a small library, and what they don’t have in our branch, they can get from other libraries in our county within a couple of days in most cases. Some of my favorite 2019 releases have been:

A Violet Fire by Kelsey Quick

I honestly though my fascination with vampire stories had hit the apex with Anne Rice’s stories, and was sure that I wouldn’t read any more after my disappointment in the Twilight series. But after reading AVF, I realized how wrong I was. This put a fresh spin on a tired theme, and I loved every page. It's a debut novel, and the author is really cool too.

The Wicked King and The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black

This series quickly became one of my favorites, and while these books are part of the same series, they aren’t exactly alike. I loved them both, but I was absolutely horrified when I finished The Queen of Nothing in a day and realized that there were no more books to follow. I’d still recommend reading the series.

Hook by Gina L. Maxwell

I’ll always have a special place in my heart for this book. It’s the first romance I’ve read as an actual adult, it’s the first M/M romance, and it’s also the first romance I’ve read that had a real plot. It also propped open the door for other romances to walk through … if books could walk. Plus, it’s a really good book and the author is absolutely amazing.

Wolf of Wessex by Matthew Harffy

This is a recently published historical fiction that I was fortunate enough to get early access to. It takes place in 9th century Wessex, and involves a brutal murder, an orphaned girl, a grouchy old man, a fiercely loyal dog, and vengeance. What’s not to like? It’s a well-crafted tale, and it had me flipping pages well into the night.

The Deep by Rivers Solomon

This book was one I had to sit with for a few days after reading before I could even think of writing a review. It’s not only a creative story, but it’s incredibly powerful. It’s a science fiction tale of a society that lives underwater, and it’s all based off of a song by clipping., in some sort of richly imagined game of telephone. After reading the book, I listened to the song, and it provided a sense of clarity.

Those are some of my favorite books released in 2019. What are yours?

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