Bookish New Year's Challenge Day 4

Bookish New Year's Challenge Day 4

I’ve been participating in the 2020 Bookish New Year’s Challenge that Tabatha from Broken Soul Reviews developed, and I’m really liking the prompts so far. They’re not overwhelming, while still challenging me to think outside the box a little. I especially like that they keep things fresh, since it’s so easy to get into a routine as a blogger. Today’s prompt is about my favorite blogging moment of 2019.

The answer to this one was really easy for me, since I haven’t been blogging for very long. I started Leah’s Books and Cooks at the very end of August, and it was a really big deal for me. Reading has always been one of my favorite things to do, and discovering a whole community of people that like to read, review, and discuss books was eye-opening for me. Once I started the blog, I was beyond ecstatic to get my first subscriber. That was definitely my favorite moment as far as blogging went in 2019.


What was your favorite blogging moment of 2019?

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