Bookish New Year's Challenge Day 3

Bookish New Year's Challenge Day 3

There’s definitely some books coming out in 2020 that sound really interesting. I have several ARCs that I’ve received through NetGalley, and one that I got through Bookish First, and I just can’t wait to get to read them all. Although there’s a boatload of books that I could list that sound amazing, I’m going to limit myself to just a few, otherwise we’d both be here all day.

Nameless Queen by Rebecca McLaughlin

I’ve started reading this book, since it comes out on January 7th. I like the sassy and whip-smart main character so far, and the premise is an interesting one. I’ll be posting a review soon, so keep an eye out for that.

Belle Révolte by Linsey Miller

I haven’t yet started this one, but I have heard some really good things about it. It comes out February 2nd, so stay tuned for an upcoming review!

Saint X by Alexis Schaitkin

I read a few chapters from this before I received the actual book, and I found it to be intriguing, while also making me think of the Natalee Holloway case. This book comes out on February 18th, and explores not only the effect of a murder on the family right away, but how it affects the family in the long-run. I’m interested to read this and see how the story develops further.

The Eighth Girl by Maxine Mei-Fung Chung

This book is going to be released on March 17th, and it’s about a woman with dissociative identity disorder. You may be more familiar with the old term for this illness, multiple personality disorder. I always find these books so interesting, and I’m hopeful that it portrays life with mental illness in a more realistic and less stigmatizing light.

Lobizona by Romina Garber

Releasing on May 5th, this book incorporates Argentinean folklore and what life is like when you’re illegal in the US. It sounds like it weaves together cultural elements and the difficulties of straddling two worlds while being accepted fully in neither. The cover also has a kind of Isabel Allende vibe to it.

What are some of the books being released in 2020 that you’re excited for?

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