Bookish New Year's Challenge Day 14
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Bookish New Year's Challenge Day 14

It’s day 14 of the Bookish New Year’s Challenge created by Tabatha from Broken Soul Reviews and today’s post is about my reading ritual.

When it comes to reading, I’m really not complicated. All I need is a book and some quiet. I can read at any time and in just about any place. I find it distracting when there is a lot of talking or noise around me, so I prefer to read in my house. However, I rarely leave the house without my Kindle or a book, especially if I know there’s a chance I’ll be waiting around. *gives side eye to doctor’s office waiting rooms*


[Beetlejuice in a waiting room, with a long expected wait time.]

When I’m home, I’m most comfortable reading on my bed. I try to anticipate what I’ll need so that I don’t have to interrupt my reading — chances are, if I need something, I’m going to need it right when the part with the most action or suspense happens. So I make sure my Kindle is charged, fill up a glass of water, pour myself a mug of coffee if I have the urge, and make sure that I have a cozy blanket and/or pair of socks nearby in case I get chilly.

What’s your reading ritual like?

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