5 Cozy Reading Nooks
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5 Cozy Reading Nooks

While Hâf at Library Looter and Anniek at Anniekslibrary have taken the time to post a schedule for Blogtober, I haven’t been following it for much of the month. There are some really amazing ideas on the list though, and I loved the topic of describing my perfect cozy reading nook. There are so many ideal places that I can think of for reading, but these are the top 5 that I came up with.

1. Combination Bed/Reading Area

I know there’s people who say you shouldn’t read in bed, but I just ignore them, because who needs THAT kind of negativity in their life? I find that reading is a very relaxing activity, and my bed is the most comfortable place for me to read. I absolutely love how this is decorated, and definitely plan to do this is the foreseeable future.

2. Window Seat

I’ve always wanted a window seat to read in, ever since I was a little girl. The fact that this is flanked by floor to ceiling bookshelves is just an added bonus. The huge window is especially nice, since I love to look out at all kinds of weather, including thunderstorms and snow, even though fall is definitely my favorite season.

3. Coffeehouses

A coffeehouse is a good place to read as well. They almost always have comfortable seats, and there is a ready supply of coffee or tea and pastries. Many have healthy snacks available too. Most also have soft music playing, and conversations don’t generally get too loud or heated.

4. Libraries

As a young reader, I would always spend a lot of time at the library. There were seating areas with soft chairs, and there were also some chairs hidden within the stacks of the library. Whenever I wanted to see if a book would be able to hold my attention before checking it out, I’d just settle into one of these chairs and start reading.

5. Bookstores

You know that this list wouldn’t be complete without bookstores. While big corporate chains are everywhere, I much prefer indie bookstores that have more personality. While there are bookstores in my own area, I’m also fortunate enough to be close to New York City, which is a mecca for incredible indie bookstores like The Strand.

What are your favorite places to read?

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